UNRULY BASTARDS was created by David Meister, Ryck Daniels, Emily Meister, Sumie Tachibana, and Rob Chatterson. Just a close group of friends who'd gather around a kitchen table to talk about life and make each other laugh until our faces hurt.

Although we have been meeting up to play tabletop games for many years, the idea of creating our own game didn't actually occur to us until we had already done it.

Every time the five of us excitedly gathered around that table, the rules to this weird little game that had materialized out of nowhere, continued to form. In 2016, one thing started to become clear; we had unintentionally created something very special that unlocked a deep-seeded unruliness inside each of us.

As we continued testing the game, we were surprised by the fact that we never got tired of playing it, and it always left us wanting more. The truth became undeniable, we had made something wonderful and worth sharing with the world, something that brought people together, spread laughter, and allowed people to interact in a creative environment.

​In 2017, we got serious and decided that this game had to become a reality.

Ryck and Dave dove head first into the project by forming our LLC and printing our first prototype of UNRULY BASTARDS. The prototype tested through the roof and any doubt we had was put to rest. As we continued pushing the game forward, we strived to make sure that the same experience five friends felt when creating this game was always still right there at its heart.

In 2018, we created a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded at a modest 300% of our initial goal. After a few wrong turns, course corrections, and manufacturing complications, we are ecstatic to finally be releasing our unruly baby to the big bad world. 

Throughout this entire process, we have grown, learned, and watched with a deep sense of satisfaction as others now get to laugh and explore the ever-changing world that we have created. We sincerely hope you have as much fun playing it as we did creating it.

Season One of UNRULY BASTARDS is just the beginning. We have already produced several live shows based on our game, and even have a game show currently in development. If you'd like to be kept up to date with all bastardly news, sign up for our mailing list.

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