Some of our THEME cards have red icons that communicate a specific type of challenge that will alter the gameplay of a round.


The HOT POTATO icon indicates a round where responses are meant to be short and delivered quickly. Although the JUDGE decides who goes first, players then get to decide whose turn it is next by directing their response to the player of their choosing. These rounds can go back and forth and will continue until the JUDGE is satisfied that a clear winner has been decided.

The ONE UP icon indicates a round where players are meant to be more interactive as they attempt to outdo, debunk, and debate each other's responses. The JUDGE decides who goes first, after that it is an open forum where players are allowed to jump in in at any time. The round will continue until the JUDGE decides it's over and selects a winner of the round.


The MUSICAL NOTE icon indicates a round where responses are meant to be delivered as a song. You do not have to sound good, and sometimes sounding off-key might even be a smarter way to play it. 

The ACTION icon indicates a round of gameplay where physical movement is required when delivering their responses to the JUDGE. During these rounds, it is up to the JUDGE's discretion whether or not a MODIFIER is needed.


The CROWN icon indicates a challenge round where player's responses are meant to be even more unruly and inappropriate. Because of this, these rounds are worth DOUBLE. Players who win this type of challenge round should count this as two wins instead of one.



This simplified style of game play removes all MODIFIER cards to allow players to focus on the THEME. To begin a game, a JUDGE is selected and a THEME card is drawn. The JUDGE decides the order in which players deliver their answers and selects the winner of the round to be the new JUDGE. After FIVE wins, an unruly bastard is crowned CHAMPION.


This ruleset is great for playing with larger groups of people and captures an improv comedy vibe that is hilarious to play and possibly even funnier to watch. Before the game begins, players must team up in pairs of two and will compete as a duo throughout the entire game. All other aspects of the game are identical to the standard rules.  


This mode of gameplay is the most competitive and is only recommended for advanced players. To begin the game, all players draw five modifiers. Keep your hand hidden from your opponents. Next, a JUDGE for the first round is selected. The JUDGE draws the THEME for the round, reads it aloud, and places it face up for all to see. Next, the JUDGE allows players, one by one, to use a MODIFIER from their hand on the player of their choosing to perform during the round. Next, the JUDGE calls on players to deliver their answers using their assigned modifier(s) and picks a winner. The winner takes the MODIFIER card(s), discards the THEME card, and becomes the new JUDGE. A player can be assigned multiple MODIFIERS in a round, however, if someone wins a round while performing multiple modifiers, the points for that round are equal to the number of MODIFIERS performed. If during the game you run out of MODIFIERS, shuffle the deck and re-deal five cards to each player. The first player to SEVEN wins the game.